QUALITY: Primo Performance amino acids are 99-100% natural and pure with unprecedented quality. Other brands of amino acids have been found to have multiple quantities of impurities. We take pride in our products knowing that we're offering the very best to our athletes and clients worldwide.

ASSURANCE: Primo Performance does NOT use any fillers, animal products, and never compromises anything for our quality. Some competitors are known to use extracted products, such as duck feathers and human hair, but we only use the best of the best raw-natural source ingredients. All of our amino acids are produced through a patented fermentation technology which is the safest way to extract amino acids from the most natural process of fermentation.

PERFORMANCE: Primo Performance amino acids are pharmaceutical grade fermented vegetarian-source amino acids that provide the highest level of active ingredient potency. With this base, it is repeatedly milled and filtered to produce the finest form ideal for premium solubility and absorption.